About Us

The purpose of my online show and blog is to promote women who compete in Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, and MMA. Women work just as hard as the men, yet women get half the credit. Some of these women are my friends, and some are women in the industry who work hard to look like they do, and deserve some respect.

This site is the next step for us. We started as a small blog just doing email interviews and grew to phone interviews then a popular podcast with guests from the MMA and fitness worlds and now this.

Our goal is to bring you news, interviews, event coverage and more of mixed martial arts and fitness events. As our name suggests we do specialize in the female side of the sports, but we do not limit ourselves. We will cover MMA events that may have no female bouts, we will have male guests on our podcasts from time to time.

This all got started when from my own journey into bodybuilding, I realized just how little coverage women got in the sport as compared to me, same with MMA. I received a lot of help in my own journey and it was all through females. I wanted to pay back, so that is how the blog started, in an attempt to get women a little recognition in the sports. Never in my life did I see it growing as it has. Our goal is to keep growing and keep providing female athletes with the recognition they deserve but don’t always get.